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Robert Fulton, our Managing Director, has assisted senior management teams recreate their total remuneration strategies at various service and manufacturing organizations, including Ameritech Publishing, Sara Lee Bakery, Keebler Company, Sweetheart Cup Company and Northwestern Memorial Hospital. We bring the same dedication and effort to your organization. Our focus is to work closely with your Human Resources team to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your compensation and benefits systems. Together we can integrate compensation systems into your organization’s business strategy, and ensure the performance improvement that is critical to today’s business success.

Strategic Consulting

  • Design, evaluation and audits of compensation & benefits strategies.
  • Compensation and benefits business planning (to activate your strategy).
  • Conduct remuneration program effectiveness audits.
  • Educate your staff members to provide more value-added business focus.

Cash Compensation & Reward Plan Design & Administration

  • Design and evaluate compensation plans in the context of company business strategy & mission.
  • Recommend base salary programs & policies.
  • Develop salary management systems (including job evaluation, market analysis, structure design).
  • Create and implement sales incentive plans that drive profitable business.
  • Establish executive & management incentive programs that integrate with business objectives.
  • Develop salary management systems (including job evaluation, market analysis, structure design).
  • Facilitate gain-sharing & goal-sharing program development (including design team facilitation).

Benefits Plan Design & Administration

  • Develop RFPs for vendor selection for existing programs and new program development.
  • Create and recommend new benefit programs.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of current benefit programs.

HR Service Delivery Analysis & Redesign

  • Evaluate current or design new service delivery models.
  • Facilitate team analysis of process flows and models of business effectiveness.
  • Create flowchart for effective business process redesign.
  • Compare and contrast software solutions to business needs.
  • Facilitate team implementation of new software packages.

Project Management

  • Develop project plans with clear success factors, responsibilities, budget and resource allocation.
  • Ensure projects are managed effectively at all levels.
  • Coordinate project teams for timely response to issues and project deliverables.
  • Measure effectiveness of process and outcomes.

To contact Robert:

The Pathfinder's Group, Inc.
2409 Clifton Court, Suite 100
Naperville, IL 60565-3343

P. 630.579.8815
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