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Erickson HR Consulting, Inc. provides comprehensive Human Resources consulting focusing on improving organization and leadership effectiveness. We will partner with you and your organization to deliver custom and practical solutions to your human resources challenges. The firm has worked with clients in organization design, training and development, strategic human resources planning, developing leaders, assessing individual and group performance and team development.

Consulting engagements have been in a variety of industries including consumer products, healthcare, not-for-profit, and retail. In addition we have worked with various business functions including research and development, sales, and distribution

Organization Development

  • Create customized interventions in areas of managing change, staff roles and responsibilities, business priority setting, mission/values and cross-functional linkages.
  • Design and facilitate meetings.

Coaching & Leadership Development

  • Perform personalized one-on-one coaching. Certified in several 360-degree feedback tools—Profiler®, Benchmarks® and Lominger®.
  • Provide executive coaching on staff structure and employee development.
  • Design and facilitate New Leader Transition meetings.

Performance Management

  • Design Performance Appraisal systems.
  • Provide performance consulting by conducting assessments and creating performance improvement plans.
  • Design function/division specific competencies.
  • Develop strategic training initiatives linking to competencies and business needs.

Strategic HR Planning

  • Link business strategy with Human Resource strategy.
  • Develop comprehensive HR strategy linking all HR areas.
  • Extensive experience in managing issues resulting from Restructures, Reorganizations, and Downsizing.
  • Design communications plans for HR strategies.

Leadership Development Planning

  • Conduct comprehensive review of organization issues.
  • Design processes to effectively review and assess employee potential.
  • Facilitate management planning meetings.
  • Develop leadership/management competencies.
  • Create succession plans.

Team Development

  • Design and facilitate team development/building sessions using a variety of assessment tools and activities.
  • Coach teams in team dynamics and conflict resolution.

Career Management Systems

  • Develop strategy and design comprehensive career development systems.
  • Establish processes to enhance career planning.
  • Provide tools and workshops for employee and manager development.
  • Design and implement career development activities.


  • Design and develop customized leading edge mentoring initiatives linking company and employee needs.
  • Provide necessary training/workshops.

HR Generalist Consulting

  • Design employee progressive discipline processes and provide termination coaching.
  • Develop Reduction in Force programs.
  • Create, administer and analyze results of employee opinion surveys.
  • Develop HR policies, procedures and handbooks.

Leadership/Management Training

  • Provide leadership training using the NetSpeed Leadership program.

      NetSpeed Leadership


NetSpeed Leadership is an exciting, hands-on leadership training and development program using a blended learning approach, designed to meet the learning needs of managers, supervisors and individual contributors in fast-paced organizations. NetSpeed Leadership's system of supervisory and management training is specifically designed and tested to help managers grasp and apply proven management techniques immediately. Select from among 23 short, focused training modules (each 3 hours). Topics include:

  • Leading at NetSpeed
  • Creating an Inspiring Work Culture
  • Communicating to Influence
  • Building the Total Team
  • Making Strategic Decisions
  • Thinking to Break the Box
  • Building Open Communication
  • Transforming Team Conflict
  • Hiring the Best Talent
  • Getting the Right Start
  • Setting and Achieving Goals
  • Coaching to Redirect
  • Turning Performance Problems Around
  • Appraising Performance
  • Coaching Smart People
  • Delegating Smartly
  • Managing Projects by Design
  • Managing Time in Fast Forward
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Meeting Change with Resilience
  • Connecting with Your Career
  • Working with Communication Styles
  • Writing for High-Speed Readers


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